Ebates: Make Money Shopping Online!

I don’t remember where I first heard about Ebates, but I didn’t even look it up for quite a while because I thought there was no way it was legitimate. I did eventually sign up but I didn’t expect that I would actually ever see any of the money that they promised.
Well that was about a year ago, and hello $1,225 I wouldn’t otherwise have! So here’s how Ebates works. You type in the name of the store that you are going to shop at in the top bar. Then you can see the amount of cashback that Ebates is currently offering to that store and others like it.
There are so many stores on Ebates (as you can see in the photo above). When we booked our trip to Thailand through Groupon, I got about $200 back! The beauty of Ebates is that you get money back on stuff you were going to buy anyway. There is also a browser button that you can just add and press it anytime you’re shopping online to activate your Ebates rewards.
You can check your cash back for each shopping trip and see your running total. Then, every two months or so, it will be deposited directly into your paypal account! I’ve gotten over $1,200 back from Ebates in the last year on things I would have bought anyway. I love using Ebates and just wish I would’ve started sooner.


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