Breakfast with the Suit

Today I had to go into work for a special project. Since my internal clock seems to be opposed to sleeping in, I was up early enough to have a leisurely walk to the store for breakfast. Culinaria is about 1/2 a mile from my building, and it’s basically a really cool grocery store. So after wandering around for a while trying to decide what sounded good, I stumbled upon some fresh mozzarella and pita chips.
Thanks to the delightful 60 degree weather, I decided to have a picnic in City Garden on my way to work. See the short building in between the two taller ones? That’s my office. 
You can now check in to the suit on Foursquare. You can
thank me for that.
Of course, I also had to stop by and say hi to my favorite suit. This is a more recent addition to City Garden and I think it’s my favorite. Maybe it’s a tie with the bunnies. 
Hello, wabbits. 
City Garden is great for taking pictures. Mostly because there are so many weird things there. Like a self-playing piano. A roaming inflatable flamingo. Pinocchio, whose outfit changes with the seasons.
And, of course, I had to utilize my panoramic abilities. 
When the weather’s nice, sometimes I have lunch by this weird horse thing on the hill. It’s much quieter. 
Now the weather is in the 20′s and there’s freezing rain, so no more City Garden picnics. At least until tomorrow. It is Missouri weather, after all. 


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