Tea Time

A few blocks away from my building is a little place called the London Tea Room. I found it accidentally when I was moving here. We have since visited several times, once for a pu-ehr cupping. Today, I was in the mood for  some flowering teas so we took a little walk.
Ultra-fast tea master finding our tea. 
THEY HAD NO MORE FLOWERING TEAS. So we scoured the menu for an acceptable pu-ehr. We found a vanilla mint pu-ehr (my choice) and a regular old pu-ehr (his choice). We got an ounce of each.
Pu-ehrs are a weird tea. They’re supposed to have mold grow on them, and if you get a regular old pu-ehr (above right), they smell a lot like a horse barn in the rain. They taste less intense, a little earthy and sometimes like dirt. It sounds gross, but it grows on you.


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