Fish and Frog Leg Friday

I love fish Fridays. I love fish, and during Lent the Catholic churches dedicate a whole day to fish. What’s not to love? Last year we went on a Fish Friday tour and decided to continue the tradition this year.
First stop of Fish Friday 2013- Our Lady of Providence. The winning feature of this particular Fish Friday was that they offer frog legs. And I love frog legs.
We arrived and the line was out the door, which I’ve learned is somewhat normal. However, this was the world’s slowest line and we were in line for FOURTY MINUTES.
Once we finally arrived, I had decided on frog legs and catfish. With a side of cole slaw and macaroni and cheese. 
They had advertised hush puppies, which I like, but by the time we got up there all that was left was bread. Boo.
The frog legs were good. The catfish was pretty good. All in all, I give this Fish Friday a 7 out of 10.
This Friday I’ve already scoped out a hispanic Fish Friday. Chile rellenos and fish? Count me in. Word on the street has it that the lines are extra long, so I can’t really tell you the name right now in case it results in more people going and me standing in line for forty minutes again. Check back next week.


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