ClassPass Comes to KC!

I was contacted several weeks ago by a girl from ClassPass. It’s an East Coast based thing and they were starting up in KC. It’s basically a service where you pay a monthly fee and have access to a ton of cool fitness classes! After checking out their website, I said of course I’d be happy to try it out! 
I am so easily bored with anything and everything that I love the ClassPass idea. You can try out all these different gyms and studios and go to different classes with one membership. I always join a gym or buy a monthly pass to somewhere and then something else comes up that sounds fun but then I can’t do it because I feel guilty for not using the gym I’m paying for, ugh! 
With ClassPass, I didn’t have that problem. You can do Jiu Jitsu or Barre or Crossfit or Yoga, all in one week if you want to. Plus, the participating studios are all over the place so even if you live up North like me, you can find plenty of places within driving distance. 
I thought it was so fun, and once I’m done with my law school stuff and am back in KC full time I can’t wait to join again! 


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