Favorite Summer Products

I have been doing so much online shopping lately. It’s mostly for wedding stuff, then I get on Etsy or somewhere else and see something cute, then it’s just down hill from there. Right now is Beauty Brands’ Semi-Annual Liter Sale, which is trouble. I have so much shampoo that it will last me until I’m 90 and my hair falls out. I was excited to find this great mask from Amika as part of the sale! It makes your hair smell amazing and really makes it a lot softer and healthier. And for like $40 off retail, you can’t say no! 
I also love summer scents (and fall scents, and winter scents, and…) and this is probably my favorite candle of the moment. It smells amazing and fresh and fruity.
I’ve been wanting some good headphones for the gym and around the house. Patrick doesn’t like listening to my Netflix shows so he always is handing me headphones, so I figured if I have to wear headphones they should be comfortable! I love these because the sound is good, but mostly because they’re so comfortable. I had those in-ear headphones because they always hurt my ears and are falling out when I’m at the gym. Truman helped me try them out, and he approves.



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