Blue Apron Review

So we signed up for Blue Apron a few weeks ago and I’m hooked. I don’t mind cooking but ever since I started law school two very long years ago, making sure we didn’t eat out every day became an extra stress in my day. My husband is not really a cook so if I don’t want to eat grocery store chicken wings, the cooking and meal prep usually falls on me. It’s always hard to find something that is healthy, tastes good and doesn’t take forever to prep and cook! I especially started to dread figuring out what we’d have for dinner and having to go to the grocery store. SO, all that to say I was very excited to try out Blue Apron because it basically solved all those problems. You sign up and then a big box of food is shipped to you once a week.Everything, and I mean everything, you need is included and measured out exactly so you really feel like you’re on a cooking show.
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I love that everything is fresh and not processed so we know exactly what we’re eating. The meals take about 35 mins or a little less to cook and they’re under 700 calories. I think my favorite part is that you get to cook with things you might not normally try out on your own. For example, fennel, brussel sprouts, figs, etc. 
We haven’t had a meal yet that we both didn’t like. Patrick was a big fan of the southern burgers (above). They were topped with a green tomato relish and collard greens! The fries were straight from a fresh potato (not a bag).
You get a ton of variety, so in one week you might have catfish, lamb sausage and steak! There are even vegetarian options that you can choose from as well.
All in all I give Blue Apron an A+. We love it and if we ever stop using it I will have a hard time going back to doing all that thinking and work myself. This takes all the decision fatigue out of cooking and you get to try lots of unusual (and surprisingly delicious) options! Oh, and if you’ll ever be out of town or don’t need a delivery one week you can easily skip that delivery and resume whenever you want.
**This post isn’t sponsored in any way. I just love Blue Apron and want to pass along some stress free cooking :)


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