Back Porch Remodel

Our new-to-us house was built in 1886, so it has a lot of unique features. One of them is this little back porch/room that was added much later. When we moved in, it was dirty and covered in old, ugly linoleum tile and just wasn’t utilized very well. Since the house doesn’t have a lot of great storage in the form of closets, I wanted to make sure we utilize all available space! So one weekend Patrick and I chiseled up all the old tile, which revealed great wood panels underneath.
After cleaning out the tiles (and making sure they weren’t asbestos tiles) I painted the floor a really cute minty green color. Patrick repainted all the walls white so they looked brand new and clean. The walls and the ceiling are plank walls and it looks really cute.
I got a bright colored rug and put our little yellow table that had previously been in storage out there and now it’s one of my favorite spaces! It’s such a fun pop of color as you come in the back door. It was a very easy and cheap project that totally turned this room around!


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