Law School Graduation Party

This May I graduated from law school (hurray!) and passed the bar this summer. My blogging took a hiatus during most of my 3L year but now I'm back with a newly updated and more simple blog. Blogging is hard to keep up with! I don't know how people do it consistently.

Anyway, I didn't do a graduation party after law school because I felt like passing the bar was the next real hurdle and I wanted to (hopefully) celebrate both milestones together. I felt like I was going to jinx myself by going overboard about graduating. I took the bar in July and didn't get my results until the end of September. It was such a stressful wait. I felt pretty good about my performance immediately after finishing the bar, but then I got more stressed with each passing day. The week before results were announced I was pretty sure I had failed. I didn't even want to tell anyone when results would be posted in case I needed time to recover from failing the bar.

Fortunately, my full time studying all summer paid off and I passed! My wonderful aunt planned me a law school graduation/passing the bar celebration and I felt like I could finally relax.

Look how cute the invitations she made are! She is so creative and even got these made up on cardstock for everyone to save as a souvenir. We just had a dinner party at a local brewery/restaurant. The private room we reserved had a bunch of bookshelves with big volumes of books, so it looked like a law library.

My aunt has always been a baking star, so she made this dessert spread with clever names. Even people who don't like dessert said they wanted to try some.

It was a really fun, low key way to celebrate my law school chapter being over and all my hard work paying off. If you're in law school, or especially in your 3L year right now, hang in there because the freedom after you graduate is so worth it!


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