Farmhouse Wheat Sign

I was inspired by a sign that I saw on someone's Instagram, but I wanted different wording and a slightly different sign, so I hope you enjoy my tutorial on how I made my Farmhouse Wheat "Love" Sign!

First, you'll need the background for your frame. I just used a pre-made pallet looking sign I found at Michaels. If you're really ambitious you could build a frame using actual pallets. 
Once you pick your frame, you need to stain it. I just used a stain we had around the house. I wasn't totally happy with how dark it looked, so if I did it again I'd pick a lighter stain. Your staining doesn't have to be perfect. I intentionally left spots with a really deep grain that weren't stained, and I think it turns out looking more rustic and natural. 
Next you'll make your letters. If you go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby, they have several different styles to choose from. I wanted a very simple block letter, but if you want something more ornate they have a lot of different fonts. I then had to paint these guys white. If you pay a little more, you can get the pre-painted white ones which I would probably do if I made this sign again just because it saves you a step or so. 
I should've taken more pictures of my making the wheat bundle step, but I was probably busy trying not to throw it across the room. The wheat was the hardest part for me. You just buy a little bundle of this wheat from the floral/greenery section of the craft store. I only used 4-5 stems. I cut them down quite a bit and then tried to arrange them in a bushy wheat bundle. Then you use a piece of twine and tie them together. I used a bit of hot glue to make sure they stayed fanned out and then some hot glue to secure the end of my twine to the back of the wheat bundle. Once you finish that, you just use a hot glue gun and glue all your letters and wheat onto your sign! You may want to arrange everything first to make sure it lays out how you want it because I did some adjusting before actually gluing.

All in all this project only cost about $20 and took maybe 30 minutes to make.


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